Supercomputer programme in India on track

6 Aug 2018 Dehli - According to the Indian news paper Economic Times, India is expected to have its first supercomputer of Rs 4,500-crore National Supercomputing Mission programme by December. If things stay on track, IIT-Kharagpur will have a 1,3 Petaflop/s machine and IISER Pune and IIT-BHU will have a 650 Tflop/s computer each by the year-end.

According to the Economic Times, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is evaluating the technical bids by firms such as Acer, Fujitsu, IBM, HCL, TCS, Dell and Netweb and the contract is likely to be awarded soon. "The project is not just building a supercomputer but also applications and that work hasn't stopped. All other parts of the process are on track", Hemant Darbari, director general, C-DAC told the Economic Times.

The 650 million euro programme India's National Supercomputing Mission (NSM): Building capacity and capability to be jointly implemented by the Department of Science and Technology and Department of Electronics and Information Technology was announced in 2015.

The article in the Economic Times:

Ad Emmen