European Commission opens consultation on EuroHPC HPC plans

3 Aug 2017 Brussels - The European Commission has opened a consultation on the High Performance Computing Initiative in Europe. Closing date for the public consultation is September 5. The European Commission wants to gather stakeholders’ opinions on the key areas of the future EU-wide initiative on HPC that will support the development of the next generation of computing and data infrastructure in Europe. Topics include: Main challenges to the current state of HPC in Europe; Added-value of EU coordinated action; Main objectives of the EuroHPC initiative; and Set-up of the EuroHPC initiative (time-frame, participants and their role, responsibilities). The results of the consultation will help define EuroHPC, the new EU legal and financial instrument that will implement the European HPC initiative.

The European Commission intends to adopt the new legal instrument EuroHPC in 2018 and put the HPC initiative in place by 2019 at the latest. This will make top-class HPC infrastructure and services available to a wide range of users e.g. large industry and SMEs, as well as the public sector.

Target groups for the consultation are:

  • National and EU-funded projects on HPC,
  • Scientific user communities of HPC infrastructures,
  • Public-private partnerships on HPC and Big Data,
  • Centres of excellence (CoE) for supercomputing applications, supercomputing centres, service providers, access providers,
  • HPC research & industry associations,
  • Member State & governmental institutions

A short summary of the consultation results will be published within 1 month after the consultation closes. A synopsis report with a qualitative analysis of all consultation activities will be issued within 3 weeks of the closing data of the consultation.

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