View from the storage side - Adrian Jackson reports about Flash Memory Summit

17 Aug 2017 Edinburgh - Adrian Jackson reports on his visit to the Flash Memory Summit, a conference primarily aimed at storage technology and originally based around flash memory, although it has expanded to cover all forms of non-volatile storage technology. Jackson was there because of his involvement in the NEXTGenIO project, that is designing and building a prototype system using a new form of non-volatile technology, Intel and Micron's 3D Xpoint memory.

The storage industry is talking about convergence when SCM (storage class memory) starts to be included in systems; convergence between memory and storage technologies. Whilst there is a lot of hype around this topic, and some speakers, Jackson writes, were even suggesting it was going to signal a move away from the von Neumann architecture all our computers implement (I disagree with this assessment), it is clear that SCM is going to be a key part of future computing systems, provided the price is right!

Jackson says there were also predictions that flash memory prices are likely to crash at some point in 2018. Discussions focused around the premium that manufacturers are able to charge for flash memory at the moment, possibly because a large number of flash manufacturing plants (fabs) are being re-purposed to produce 3D flash at the moment.

He concludes that the feeling was that when they come online properly there will be significant manufacturing capacity and capability that will drive down the price of flash devices, as they will need to produce large volumes to efficiently use the fabs.

The long blog gives a nice overview of the current state of memory developments.

Ad Emmen