Cray blog: Optimizing HPC Program Performance with OpenMP and Reveal

18 Aug 2016 Minneapolis - Heidi Poxon blogs on the Cray site about "Optimizing HPC Program Performance with OpenMP and Reveal". With Reveal you can profile MPI programmes. "Cray Reveal shows you a ranked list of important loops and relevant optimization inhibitors. It lets you browse your source code, get explanations for some of those more confusing optimization messages produced by the compiler, and, with a click of a button, analyzes all of the most relevant loops in your programme and presents parallelization success or failures for your review. Loops are flagged green if no dependencies were found, and Reveal can automatically build and insert OpenMP directives into your source for these loops. A loop is flagged red if Reveal finds issues that require user intervention", Poxon writes. So Reveal can reduce the time it takes to add parallelism to your programme using OpenMP directives.
Ad Emmen