Supercomputer Race Heats Up as China Bans Exports of High-Performance Machines - report of News Week Europe

5 Aug 2015 London - Conor Gaffey published an article in News Week Europe about the supercomputer restrictions that China, according to the Wall Street Journal and other sources is imposing. (However, we did not see or find the original Chinese source sited by WSJ and others, PM). Gaffey cites Mark Parsons from EPCC: "The arms race in high-performance computing has always been about who has the computer which can do the most FLOPS," says Parsons, referring to floating-point operations per second (FLOPS), the measure used for monitoring supercomputer performance. He says that such machines are seen as "totem poles," or status symbols. Tim Stevens, a cyberwarfare expert in the War Studies Department at King's College London, told to Gaffey. Whoever possesses such a beast of a machine has a considerable national security advantage. Stevens says that the primary security implication of supercomputers is nuclear - whoever is in possession of such machines is capable of accurately modelling the capabilities of their nuclear weapons.
Ad Emmen