Cloudify your software solution – hands-on training workshop at ISC Cloud & Big Data organised by three European projects

14 Aug 2015 Frankfurt - HPC and access to Big Data has become crucial for achieving competitiveness in manufacturing. However, purchasing, accessing and harnessing such tools require capital investment and significant skills and expertise. In order to lower entry barriers, especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-caps, three main European projects involved in HPC-in-the-cloud computing (CloudSME, FORTISSIMO and CloudFlow ) are facilitating access to HPC cloud for manufacturing SMEs. At the ISC Cloud & Big Data Conference, the three projects organise a workshop on "HPC Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing" for Engineers and scientists and their managers who are looking for ways to improve their designs (achieve higher quality), increase their competitiveness, shorten time to market, and safe costs by bursting into the cloud when they need more compute power.
Ad Emmen