Prepare for the future - HPC software optimization trends

13 Aug 2015 Seattle - To what extent do past and current HPC software optimization activities predict the future? Current optimization trends and next-gen hardware designs point to more threads, wider vectors, and an increasingly complex memory hierarchy. Is HPC application software ready for the future foretold by this trajectory? What will it be like and how can you be prepared for it? A lot of questions that Aaron Vose tries to answer in the second part of his Cray blog "HPC Software Optimization Trends". And what do we need to do? "While future hardware may require many threads and large vectors to reach peak theoretical Flop/s, this doesn't mean adding more threads or extending vectorization is the correct path forward for your code. Keep the complex memory hierarchy in mind as well. How do you know where to start your software optimization efforts? The key is to focus on your application's memory behavior."
Ad Emmen