Techila benchmark report about real-world Finance HPC-in-the-Cloud use-cases

12 Aug 2015 Tampere - Techila Technologies has benchmarked the largest cloud computing platforms: Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure in real-world business use-cases. The benchmarks are included in a new report: "Cloud HPC in Finance - Cloud benchmark report with real-world uses-cases". The report includes benchmarks and analysis of the leading clouds in real-world scenarios, in which the business can benefit of scalable high-performance computing. Techila Technologies has noted that the financial services industry has recently been highly interested in exploring the benefits of cloud-based processing. As both cloud service offerings and understanding of the cloud have matured, interest in clouds and the exploration of suitable uses for cloud-based processing has grown and evolved.
And is there a winner of the benchmarks? A cloud that stands out? Not really: "When examining individual test cases based on this benchmark, we can see that not all clouds are built in the same way. In the real-world business environment, a cloud instance type that excels in one use-case can give a less optimal performance in another. Because of this, Techila Technologies is unable to nominate a winning cloud platform or winning instance type based on this benchmark test round - in each case the winner depends on the use-cases, the requirements of the business, and the cloud vendor's ability to integrate with the enterprise's processes."
Ad Emmen