UberCloud Compendium 2015 with 14 HPC-in-the-Cloud experiments

12 Aug 2015 Neutraubling - If you go cycling with three or more people you go much faster than when you are cycling on your own. Everybody knows, here in The Netherlands. But you can also model it in detail to design better bicycles for instance. This is what the UberCloud team nr 152 did in their HPC experiment "Running Bicycle Optimizations in the Cloud". The end-user was Trek Bicycle Corporation, a bicycle manufacturer. It is one of the fourteen case studies published in the UberCloud Compendium 2015. Other case studies include topics as cancer genomics, aerodynamics optimizations, coronary artery flow, aircraft wing fluid structure interaction, heat transfer on thermoplastic olefins, microelectronic packaging, wind turbine aerodynamics, frontal car crash, duct elbow optimization, acoustic modelling, and parametric radio frequency heating.
Ad Emmen