Closing date Tender EuroHPC Petascale supercomputer in Sofia again extended

16 Jul 2020 Brussels - The closing date for the EuroHPC petascale supercomputer in Sofia has again been extended. Originally, the tender closing date was in June, then it was extended to July, and now moved even more forward to August 20.

The call is for the acquisition, delivery, installation, training and maintenance of a supercomputer system that is planned to be installed at Petascale Supercomputer - Bulgaria Supercomputing Centre's supercomputing facility by November 2020. The tender closes on August 22, 2020. Documents must be sent to EuroHPC JU in Luxembourg. The value of the tender is 12 million euro. About 4 million will come from the EuroHPC budget.

The theoretical peak performance should be at least 6 Petaflop/s and the High Performance Linpack benchmark performance should be at least 4,2 Petaflops, with no more than 1,0 MW of power consumption, featuring a modular architecture that maximizes the performance throughput per power unit.

Ad Emmen