Holy $H!T - supercomputing centre tour video hits 1 million views within 3 days!!! - Quantum computing unboxing to follow???

6 Jul 2017 - Here at Primeur Magazine we are always happy with a large audience. The more people are reading our articles, viewing our videos, the more happy we are. But what is a large audience? Until today we did not even imagine that over one million views or reads within three days was large - it seemed to be unreachable high. But this is exactly what a small (?) gaming news site in Canada Linus Tech Tips achieved. Their "Unboxing Canada's BIGGEST Supercomputer!" - a tour along the most powerful supercomputer called Cedar in Canada at Simon Fraser University did get over a million views in just THREE days!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!. BUT, do their VIEWers understand HPC now????? Let us look at some of the COMMENTS under the movie:

"And here I am thinking that my i76950X 128gb ddr4 dual 2tb ssd hds and dual gtx 1080 ti system was the shit..." writes ONE viewer;

"Imagine gaming on this it would break my Minecraft" ASSUMES another one.. (NO it will NOT break Minecraft is the general opinion here at PRIMEUR.);

"But can it run Crysis 3 with 60 fps?" worries another guy/girl/machine. (How many do you want to run in parallel, we would ask him);

"Yeah but can it play Duck Hunt?" another one worries "can it play gta 5 in ultra setting?" yet another one asks - Cleary GAMERS only worry about GAMES!!!! Odd, is it not????? And everyone's favourite question: "Can it run minecraft?!?".

Actually, it is the second movie of Linus Tech Tips called "UNBOXING A QUANTUM COMPUTER! - Holy $H!T Ep 19" that inspired US. WE really need to change our language here at PRIMEUR! Throw in some additional "!!!!!" and use "????" more often and, of course, "?!?". Hitting a million views with this video about their D-Wave tour shows clearly to us: THIS IS THE way for HPC communication to GO!!!!

Ad Emmen