HLRS supercomputer Hazel Hen's millionth compute job

The FS3D team in the Weigand Lab executed the research behind Hazel Hen's millionth job. (Photo courtesy of the Weigand Lab, ITLR.)
28 Jul 2017 Stuttgart - The HLRS supercomputer Hazel Hen recently reached a milestone. The millionth job is an example of the essential role that HPC is playing in many research fields, including fluid dynamics. Leading the research behind the millionth job was Professor Bernhard Weigand, Director of the Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics at the University of Stuttgart. His laboratory studies multiphase flows, a common phenomenon across nature in which materials in different states or phases (gases, liquids, and solids) are simultaneously present and physically interact. In meteorology, for instance, raindrops, dew, and fog constitute multiphase flows, as does the exchange of gases between the oceans and the atmosphere.
Ad Emmen