Roundtable Report - Fine-tuning the performance of HPC for financial services

13 Jul 2017 London - On the Verne Global blog, Stef Weegels reports about a round table dicsussion hosted by the Realization Group and Verne Global. The discussion saw participants from NVIDIA, Numerical Algorithms Group, bigxyt and the National Physical Laboratory. Discussed were the key issues that finance needs to address in order to fully realise the value of HPC.

The need to increase computing performance stems from the more quantitative approach to regulation and regulatory reporting that authorities are today demanding, concludes Weegels. Back testing of trading systems is required, creating pressure to build a system that can store large amounts of data. Running calculations across these massive data sets will make the use of HPC far more important than ever. Banks will need to consider their use of cloud versus self-hosted environments, assessing the use of burst capability within a cloud structure to build a hybrid model to minimise the cost of cloud usage.

Ad Emmen