Exascale project in Norway approved

2 Jul 2017 Oslo - The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has allocated NOK 1 billion (about 100 million euro) in funding to research facilities, laboratories, equipment and databases. Nineteen projects out of 92 applications have been approved and have now entered negiotations. One of the projects approved is the HPC project "Experimental Infrastructure for Exploration of Exascale Computing", led by the Simula Research Laboratory. Also Norwegian industry, companies like Dolphin and Numascale, are involved.

While competing technologies in hardware, middleware, and software are being driven by major research projects in the United States, China, Japan and the EU, it is essential for Norwegian HPC research groups to keep pace with the frontier research, Simula writes. This means to build a strong competence on the upcoming exascale technology, thereby helping the entire Norwegian research community to be well prepared. Together with partners, Simula Research Laboratory proposes to establish eX3with the aim of becoming exactly the previously missing national resource that can pave the way for exascale computing in Norway. The eX3project is designed to run for five years, funded by the RCN programme for national research infrastructures.

In addition to the host institution Simula, the project consortium also counts the national HPC management body Sigma2, HPC research groups from University of Tromsø and University of Bergen, and the multi-institutional research centers of excellence: SIRIUS, Big Insight, and Center for Cardiological Innovation), as well as the HPC technology providers Dolphin, Numascale, and Fabriscale.

Ad Emmen