Are we ready for the European Open Science Cloud? Kimmo Koski thinks we are

14 Jul 2016 Espoo - On the CSC blog, Kimmi Koski tries to explain the mix of new words, programmes, and projects in the e-Infrastructure field, from Cloud to HPC, and from data infrastructure to quantum computing. "However, despite all the possible confusion, the target - promoting European solutions and collaboration using cloud services - is of utmost importance for Europe's competitiveness. It is also crucial that the Commission has taken this seriously and decided to invest in cloud", Koski writes. "In Europe we already have a good existing e-infrastructure base to build upon, so the wheel should not be reinvented all over again. Instead, we can leverage the existing capacity and knowledge ensuring also interoperability. One issue still to solve is the sustainable funding of the infrastructures for Open Science", he continues, closing with an invitation to start working.
Ad Emmen