Washington Post asks: Watson’s next feat? Taking on cancer

3 Jul 2015 Washighton - Watson is well know for its cooking recipes. It’s even published its own cookbook, with 231 pages of what the company calls “recipes for innovation.”, says the Washington Post in a long article on Watson. "But these feats were essentially gimmicks", it continues. But now Watson to be a cancer specialist. The Post interviews Lynda Chin, a physician-scientist and associate vice chancellor for the University of Texas system who is overseeing the Watson project at MD Anderson Cancer Center on her experiences with Watson. She is positive thus far. As is Guillermo Garcia-Manero, a senior MD Anderson leukemia specialist who sometimes disagrees with Watson’s recommendations. “They keep telling me it will not replace me,” Garcia-Manero said to the Post. “But I am pretty sure it will replace me”. After reading the article, however, one does not no whether Watson as cancer specialist will not turn out to be a gimmick too. It is a pretty impressive search engine though.
Ad Emmen