Exascale: expect poor performance writes Tom Wilki in Scientific Computing World

28 Jul 2015 Frankfurt - Supercomputers deliver only a few percent of their theoretical peak performance so people should reset their expectations of Exascale, writed Tom Wilkie in Scientific Computing World/ he heard at ISC High Performance earlier this month. Wilki talked to HLRS director Michal Resch: "According to Resch, simple arithmetic meant that if an exascale machine achieved a sustained performance of only 1 to 3 percent, then this would deliver 10 to 30 Petaflops. So buying a 100 Petaflop machine that was 30 per cent efficient – which should be achievable, he claimed – would deliver the same compute power, for a much lower capital cost and about one tenth the energy cost of an exascale machine."
Ad Emmen