German supercomputers belong in the world top10

18 Jun 2018 Stuttgart - According to Michael Resch, in an interview in the Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichte"Supercomputer: Das Rennen um die Zukunft wird in der Software entschieden", German supercomputers should be in the top10 - top15 of the world's largests supercomputers. That none of the three large German supercomputers, in Juelich, Stuttgart and Garching, are, is due to a temporary delay in financing.

Michael Resh, head of the Supercomputing Centre Stuttgart, also is positive about the EuroHPC effort to get European machines even higher up in the list of fastest supercomputers in the world. However, he doubts very much if that can be done with European technology only.

In the interview, he stresses the importance of software for supercomputer applications. Software is key to supercomputing applications, but it is less tangible for politicians.

Ad Emmen