EuroHPC is a necessity for Europe and an opportunity for BSC, says Mateo Valero

Mont Blanc hardware prototype in Barcelona.
1 Jun 2017 Barcelona - The Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia has an in-depth article about EuroHPC, interviewing also BSC director Mateo Valero. According to Valero, EuroHPC is needed for Europe and an opportunity for Barcelona and BSC. He emphasises that it is essential for Europe to design its own chip for supercomputing. Work is being done on it, and Valero estimates it will be ready by 2020.

The EuroHPC initative, Valero told La Vanguardia, is similar to major European technology initatives like the Ariane rocket or the Airbus airplane developments.

EuroHPC should have two 0,5 Exaflop/s systems ready by 2020. About two to three years later, two systems should have reached Exaflop/s performance. Barcelona is a candidate to host one of the 2020 ready systems. It would be a successor to the Mare Nostrum 4 supercomputer that recently has been installed at BSC.

Ad Emmen