ESI will open its own European HPC centre on the Teratec Campus this Summer

Plans for ESI’s new European HPC Center in Bruyères-le-Chatel, near Paris.
23 Jun 2015 Paris - This Summer, ESI will open its own European HPC center on the Teratec Campus in Bruyères-le-Chatel, near Paris. ESI announced this today at the Teratec forum in Paris.

2012 marked the opening of the Teratec Campus, a 13 000 m2 site hosting key HPC players such as BULL, CEA, Intel, Silkan, Avantis Technologies, CMI Defence and ESI Group. The Campus is also home to the CEA’s “Très Grand Centre de Calcul” or TGCC – Europe’s largest HPC center. The TGCC now features France’s first Petascale machine, Curie, with a total computing capacity in excess of 2 Petaflop/s, and the next generation Computing Center for Research and Technology (CCRT).

The Curie has been instrumental in running large calculations for state-of-the-art simulation projects such as the PRACE project “FMOC – Fast Multiphysics Optimization of a Car” led by Renault, ESI Group, Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne. The FMOC used models with more than 20 million finite elements to simulate a car crash and to accurately predict the vehicle’s performance with the objective of improving passenger safety.
Ad Emmen