Poland officially signed the EuroHPC declaration

28 May 2018 Brussels - As we expected in our announcement last month, Poland has indeed become the 16th member of EuroHPC. This was announced by the European Commission.

On signing the declaration, Jaroslaw Gowin, Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education, commented:

"By signing the HPC declaration we declare our commitment to become a Member State of the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking once it is established. We are prepared to provide the Polish national HPC capacities and capabilities for this joint mission. HPC is a very dynamic R&D domain, which becomes crucial for development of European science and business communities. Supercomputing makes it possible to reduce the costs of doing research and technology deployment, providing for quicker response to global challenges."

The EuroHPC infrastructure will boost Europe's scientific capabilities and industrial competitiveness by supporting a wide range of users, including scientific communities, large-scale industry and SMEs, as well as the public sector, across Europe.

Through its research and innovation programme on European technology development, the JU intends to create a leading European HPC ecosystem that will put Europe in the HPC global top 3 by 2022/23, the Commission hopes.

There will be a EuroHPC JU legal entity. With a total budget of approximately 1 billion euro, the JU is expected to start operating in 2019 and remain operational until the end of 2026.

Ad Emmen