European Commission proposes to invest 475 million euro in EuroHPC in the coming 2 years

23 May 2018 Brussels - The European Commission has proposed to allocate 193,8 million euro in 2019 and 222,5 million euro in 2020 to the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU). EuroHPC JU should acquire and operate (pre-exascale) supercomputers for European scientists and also develop European HPC technology. In the budget proposal for 2019 funding has been allocated to the EuroHPC JU: a contribution from the EU budget, of 193,8 million euro in 2019 and of 281,1 million euro in 2020, financed from the Horizon 2020 (154,7 million euro in 2019 and 222,5 million euro in 2020) and CEF programmes (39,1 million euro in 2019 and 58,6 million euro in 2020).

Horizon 2020 is the European Research and Development programme. CEF - Connecting Europe Facility is a European progamme to support European Union wide infrastructures. This is mostly additional money to what is in the work programme 2018 - 2020 today. The numbers have circulated before. What is new is that the Commission now has a concrete proposal for the financing EuroHPC JU from next years' budget.

The Commission proposes to allocate four persons (from the Commission's own personnel budget) to the EuroHPC JU. This is in line with the Commission proposal to let the European Commission itself start the EuroHPC JU in Luxembourg. The total amount for the support of the operational costs of the EuroHPC JU organisation are 2,2 million euro for 2019 and 7,5 million euro for 2020. This is part of the overall funding budget.

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