CSCS Switzerland will not host a EuroHPC supercomputer

4 May 2018 Brussels - Currently, several European Union organisations are working on the EuroHPC JU proposal to come eventually to European exascale systems. The current working draft "Proposal for a Council Regulation on establishing the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking and Statutes of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking" will be discussed by the Research working party meeting on 7 May, 2018. So, it is a draft and nothing is final yet. But some remarkable changes have been included since previous drafts. One seems to exclude CSCS in Switzerland from ever hosting a EuroHPC system. Currently, CSCS houses the fastest supercomputer in Europe, so from a technical point of view they are certainly capable of operating such as system.

In the current text, a "hosting entity" means a legal entity which includes facilities to host and operate a EuroHPC supercomputer and which is established in a Member State. Although Switzerland participates in EuroHPC, it is not a Member State.

Another notable item in the draft is that Cyprus is not on the list of countries that will participate in the EuroHPC JU anymore. Poland is. So, the total number of EuroHPC countries is now down to 15, it seems.

See also our interview with CSCS director Thomas Schulthess, "Combination of top-down initiatives like EuroHPC and bottom-up science driven projects make European exascale effort healthy" , from 2 months ago.

Ad Emmen