Supercomputer Lichtenberg II at TU Darmstad one step closer

The Lichtenberg-supercomputer at TU Darmstadt. Picture: Katrin Binner
4 May 2017 - The German Wissenschaftsrat (Science council) has listed the 15 million euro project for extending the Lichtenberg II supercomputer at TU Darmstad as "excellent". The machine is intended to be used for Computational Engineering, one of the focuse research areas of the university. The supercomputer will get funding from the federal governement and some countries (Länder).

As a first step the performance of the current Lichtenberg supercomputer should be doubled. The architecture will be changed and the the usufulness for solving scientific problems in an energy efficient way will be evaluated on the new system. In a second phase these results will be used to, for instance, use heat generated by the system in the university campus.

Ad Emmen