Distributed Blockchain based Crowdcomputing platform iExec raised 10 million Euro

1 May 2017 Lyon - Distributed computing platform iExec raised 10 million Euro in a crowd sale on April 19. It raised 2.761,761 BTC (Bitcoin) and 173.886 ETH (Ethereum). To achieve the fastest possible launch for the iExec company, factoring in recruitment, salary, installation in new offices, web design, contractors, etc. we will proceed as soon as possible, according to iExec representatives.

The largest part of the funding will be dedicated to establishing a world-class team (mainly developers and admins). With the maximum financing, we'll be able to hire 15–20 persons up to four years.

Marketing and communication activities are mainly focused on building a network of application providers, data providers and key computing infrastructure providers (Clouds, Miners). This includes two people that will work dedicated with sales and marketing efforts, one towards the traditional industry and one towards blockchain based companies.

The research programme will be conducted in collaboration with the most recognized research institutes and universities in Europe (Inria, CNRS, ENS-Lyon, UPMC, Univ. Paris XI) and China (Univ. Tsinghua, Chinese Academy of Sciences). Complementary funding will be obtained through national (ANR, NSFC) and European (H2020) research agencies.

Ad Emmen