IT4Innovations publishes "Supercomputing in Science and Engineering" in the Czech Republic

1 May 2017 Ostrava - The Czech supercomputing centre IT4Innovations has published "Supercomputing in Science and Engineering". It contains a selection of bleeding edge scientific and engineering projects that have been made possible through the use of the large research e-infrastructure at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center. The supercomputing facility is considered a crucial asset, helping to improve the excellence of Czech science.

IT4Innovations operates the largest supercomputing facility in the Czech Republic, currently two X86 clusters named Salomon and Anselm. The supercomputer infrastructure was installed in several stages. The first cluster, Anselm, was installed in temporary mobile units in May 2013. The Salomon supercomputer became operational in September 2015 and is one of the 100 most powerful supercomputers in the world. Both clusters are now permanently located in the new IT4Innovations building, which has a 500 m2 server room.

The report - 224 pages - descibes many applciations ranging from astrophysics to life sciences and biology.

Ad Emmen