First call for proposals under the European H2020 FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies

12 May 2017 Brussels - A new step has been reached in the implementation of the FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies announced one year ago. The call will be open later this year to a support project to help shape the Quantum technology programme.

In this first major call for research and innovation projects in the upcoming Horizon 2020 Work Programme (2018-2020), the Commission has adopted on 24 April 2017 an update of the Horizon 2020 FET Work Programme 2016-2017. It includes the very first call for proposals of the FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies. The project should aim at coordinating the relevant stakeholders of the entire QT community, notably academia and industry, as well as policy makers, by addressing a series of concrete actions such as organising a communication platform, organising outreach events, facilitate dialogue, etc. The call has an indicative budget of EUR 0,5 million, and will open on 23 May and close on 26 September 2017.

Ad Emmen