Fusion researchers use Titan supercomputer to burst helium bubbles

Using their ParRep method on the Titan supercomputer, Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers were able to simulate the surface morphology for helium bubbles growing inside of a fusion reactor’s divertor wall for two different growth stages. The combination of Titan and the ParRep method completed simulations in 30 minutes that would have taken months using traditional molecular dynamics approaches. Credit: Luis Sandoval, Arthur Voter, Blas Uberuaga, and Danny Perez.
11 Jun 2015 - In Phys.org, Eric Gedenk reports about Fusion researchers that use the Titan supercomputer at LANL. According to Gedenk,tThe project, led by Brian Wirth, a researcher with the University of Tennessee and DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, brings researchers from various organizations together to work on different aspects of the ITER experimental fusion reactor under construction in southeastern France.
Ad Emmen