Satoshi Matsuoka to lead Japanese exascale effort

10 Apr 2018 Tokyo - Satoshi Matsuoka has been appointed director, RIKEN Center for Computational Science. He will lead the Post-K supercomputer efforts

The RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) is one of the world's leading research centres for HPC and the development of supercomputers, which have become essential tools for modern scientific development. In addition to operating the K computer and being charged with the project to develop the post-K computer, the centre is one of the world's top-level research institutions for investigating "the science of computing", or HPC science.

In his first diretor's message, Satoshi Matsuoka says: "Currently, the K computer is being widely used for basic research conducted by R-CCS and other research institutes as well as in applied research by industry, and has been put to work in various fields designated by the government. Many outstanding results have been achieved by its users. In addition, the system has been used for fruitful collaborative research with private industry, and efforts are being made to commercialize the results. Furthermore, the development project for the post-K computer, which is slated to succeed the K computer, is proceeding smoothly, with the goal being full-scale operation from around 2020. We will further expand our cooperation with researchers at various institutions, universities and companies in Japan and abroad to gain recognition as a leading global research centre where computer science and computational science are being developed in tandem. We will continue to create new value as we strengthen our position as a base for knowledge for international computational science."

Before, Satoshi Matsuoka was leading the Tsubame power efficient supercomputer efforts at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech).

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