Intel stops with Lustre - donates it all to Open Source

21 Apr 2017 - Intel's Vice President and General Manager for Technical Computing Trish Damkroger told the Lustre community in an e-mail Intel will stop delivering Intel branded Lustre HPC file system. She writes: "Starting today, Intel will contribute all Lustre features and enhancements to the open source community. This will mean that we will no longer provide Intel-branded releases of Lustre, and instead align our efforts and support around the community release."

Damkroger says: "By open-sourcing all of our work - including the Intel Manager for Lustre software, our work on Hadoop, and features for the Intel-optimized releases, Intel will provide the opportunity for deeper collaboration in the ongoing development of Lustre tools, and a broader adoption of the technology."

"We will continue to support our broad base of existing partners and customers, but will be focused on growing Lustre adoption with the added benefit of our alignment around the latest community releases. Our support offering post transition will be refocused on our traditional Lustre L3 offering. We will also continue to play a leading role in supporting the OpenSFS and EOFS communities, and in engaging partnerships to further the development of open source storage software such as Lustre and DAOS. By contributing our work directly to the community, we hope to further accelerate the development of software and tools to continue to grow Lustre, and future solutions for I/O heavy workloads."

Ad Emmen