Simulated quantum computing almost as fast as a high-end supercomputer

13 Apr 2017 - Thomas Haner and Damian Steiger from ETH Zurich in Switzerland published a paper ".5 Petabyte Simulation of a 45-Qubit Quantum Circuit" on ArviX. They have simulated a 45-qubit quantum computer circuit on the Cori II supercomputer using 8.192 nodes and 0,5 petabytes of memory. 45 qubits is close to what would be needed for a real quantum computer to be as fast as today's large supercomputer. The simulation on the Cori II supercomputer runs of course much slower - it is a simualtion - but shows the potential.

Thomas Haner and Damian Steige, the simulation constitutes the largest quantum circuit simulation to this date. Their highly-tuned kernels in combination with the reduced communication requirements allow an improvement in time-to-solution over state-of-the-art simulators by more than an order of magnitude at every scale.

Ad Emmen