Report of the ETP4HPC General Assembly in March 2016, Barcelona

8 Apr 2016 Barcelona - ETP4HPC held its sixth General Assembly on 15th March 2016 at which all members of the association were invited. Barcelona Supercomputing Center hosted this event. There is a report on the ETP4HPC site. One of ETP4HPC's main activities of 2015 was the publication of the Update on the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA 2) in November. Michael Malms, an ETP4HPC Expert, during his presentation discussed this and the plans for future SRAs. His talk also reminded the two calls in Work Programme 2016-2017 (Horizon 2020 programme): FET HPC 1 2016: Co-design of HPC systems and applications; and, FET HPC 2 2017: Transition to Exascale Computing, with its 5 subtopics.
Ad Emmen