Chemistry consortium uses Titan supercomputer to understand Actinides

20 Apr 2016 - A multi-institution team has been using the Titan supercomputer at DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to understand actinide chemistry at the molecular level in hopes of designing methods to clean up contamination and safely store spent nuclear fuel. Supercomputing plays an essential role in understanding these elements. Oak Ridge is running a background article on the research. Because of their high radioactivity, actinides are difficult to handle, and real experiments that can be performed are expensive. "These elements are really radioactive, and in many cases, there is not much of it around", professor David Dixon said. "The radioactivity part makes it very difficult to handle in a lab. We want to try and get as much information as we can about their properties before people do specific lab experiments to test out ideas and design new systems to help remediate contamination."
Ad Emmen