Overview of new memory hardware developments by Adrian Jackson

20 Apr 2016 Edinburgh - On the EPCC blog, Adrian Jackson provides some insight in on-package memory, integrated functionality, and new processor competitors. He talks about MCDRAM for Intel's upcoming Xeon Phi processor (Knights Landing), and as HBM2 on Nvidia's recently announced P100 GPU. In processor technology, he sees a number of processors that seem to be promising potential competition for Intel's next generation of server processors. IBM is back in the HPC business with Power9 processors that are adding the NVLink technology for high-speed communications with Nvidia GPUs. A number of manufacturers are also developing 64-bit server processors based on ARM designs, and AMD will be back with their APU processor. Whilst none of these are game changers for HPC, they do at least provide the potential for interesting hardware competition in the coming years.
Ad Emmen