HPC4Mfg shows why supercomputing matters to industry and consumers, writes Trish Damkroger on TOP500 blog

20 Apr 2016 Frankfurt - On the TOP500 site, Trish Damkroger writes about the US Department of Energy's High Performance Computing for Manufacturing programme (HPC4Mfg). "In March, HPC4Mfg issued a call for a second round of industry proposals due April 21. The way the programme works, initial concept proposals are selected and paired with a national lab HPC expert to jointly develop a full proposal in June, with final selections announced in the August timeframe. The programme expects to select another 8-10 projects to the tune of about $3 million total. In this way HPC4Mfg is serving to broaden the base of users, reaching out to small and medium-sized companies that have not yet tapped the power of top-tier supercomputers", she says. "The response to the HPC4Mfg programme indicates that perceptions may be beginning to change and that the broader industrial community is recognizing that TOP500 petaflops computing is not just for high-level scientific research and national security, but also is rich with possibility for a nation's economic bottom line."
Ad Emmen