Commisioner Günther Oettinger lets BSC director Mateo Valero write at his blog: Maybe Europe needs a flagship project towards Exascale computing.

11 Apr 2016 Brussels - Next week at April 18, the European Commission will publish a communication about the Open Science Cloud including exascale supercomputing. Of course, the European Commission officially does not say what will be in there. But Commissioner Oettinger has asked Barcelona Supercomputing Centre director Mateo Valero to write on his blog about it. So Valero's thoughts will not be that different from what will be proposed by the Commission.

"If Europe doesn't want to be left behind and be dominated by foreign technology, it needs to develop an entire domestic exascale stack from the processor all the way to the system and application software", writes Valero. He sees a window of opportunity for the HPC development is now open. Maybe Europe needs a flagship project (such as the Human Brain project or Graphene) towards Exascale computing, he says.

Ad Emmen