PRACE support to mitigate impact of COVID-19 pandemic - Fast Track Call for Proposals

24 Mar 2020 Brussels - PRACE is welcoming project proposals requesting computing resources to contribute to the mitigation of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This applies, without being exhaustive, to the following topics: Biomolecular research to understand the mechanisms of the virus infection; Bioinformatics research to understand mutations, evolution, etc.; Bio-simulations to develop therapeutics and/or vaccines; Epidemiologic analysis to understand and forecast the spread of the disease; Other analyses to understand and mitigate the impact of the pandemic. This call for proposals will follow a fast track review process to provide swift feedback to the applicants.

Resources offered by PRACE include the following systems:

  • Joliot-Curie, Bull Sequana X1000 / XH2000, GENCI@CEA, France

  • HAWK, HPE Apollo, GCS@HLRS, Germany

  • JUWELS, BULL Sequana X1000/ XH2000, GCS@JSC, Germany

  • SuperMUC-NG, Lenovo ThinkSystem, GCS@LRZ, Germany

  • Marconi100, IBM Power 9 AC922 Whiterspoon, CINECA, Italy

  • MareNostrum 4, Lenovo System, BSC, Spain

  • Piz Daint, Cray XC50 System, ETH Zurich / CSCS, Switzerland

Ad Emmen