hpc-ch forum on Access Abstraction to HPC Resources rescheduled to October

19 Mar 2020 Dübendorf - The hpc-ch forum on Access Abstraction to HPC Resources has been rescheduled to October 22, 2020.

Key Questions of the forum:

  • Scientific portals: What kind of scientific portals do exist today? What will be the future developments? What are their requirements respect to the HPC providers?
  • Interactive computing platforms: How can I easily run a calculation/analysis that requires some degree of interaction on a bigger and more powerful machine? Can I use an HPC resource as if it was my laptop?
  • Efficient management of data: Are there any optimal tools to manage data efficiently, e.g., avoiding copying non-essential info when moving data, or saving data for archiving purposes. Can I synchronize files between my computer, my home institution and my HPC resource without having to use too many different tools? Without having to monitor failures manually?
  • Computational resources abstraction: As a HPC provider, how can we build a "middle layer" allowing our scientific computing users to see the resources we are providing in a uniform way? (keywords: workflow, API, RESTful interfaces).
Ad Emmen