SURFsara issues tender for Dutch National Supercomputer

2 Mar 2020 Amsterdam - SURFsara issued a tender for a replacement for the current Dutch National Supercomputer Cartesius. The aim of the tender procedure is to award a contract to a supercomputer partner that can provide the requested equipment, services, innovation and support. Deadline is 2020-03-30.

The supercomputer partner will be contracted to design, deliver and implement the supercomputer. More specifically the supercomputer partner will:

  • design the supercomputer architecture/structure,
  • provide supercomputer equipment, including related software,
  • install and configure the supercomputer,
  • be responsible for the maintenance and support of the supplied supercomputer hardware,
  • be responsible for support on installation, configuration, hardware and software issues to be provided to SURFsara,
  • act as a partner and stimulate further (innovative) improvement and further additions to the supercomputer.
Ad Emmen