Also the Spanish/Portuguese consortium is ready to submit its application for EuroHPC pre-exascale hosting entity

25 Mar 2019 Barcelona - The Barcelona Supercomputing Center has confirmed it is on schedule to submit a proposal on behalf of a Spanish/Portuguese consortium to become a hosting entity for a pre-exascale EuroHPC supercomputer. If successful, the supercomputer would be named MareNostrum 5. It will only partially fit into the Torre Girona chapel in Barcelona that houses the current MareNostrum 4 supercomputer.

The management of the centre has informed that a proposal for the call made by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is under preparation. The aim of the call is to know which centres are interested in hosting these infrastructures, which will be co-founded by the European Union and the countries that support each equipment.

The EuroHPC-JU call requests that the pre-exascale supercomputers should be able to execute at least 150 petaflops/s of sustained performance measured by the Linpack benchmark, and it should also be able to meet the needs of a large field of applications.

BSC's candidacy counts on the economic commitment of its trustees (the Spanish government, the Catalan government and the UPC), and also on the Portuguese government, to cover the 50% of the purchase cost of the supercomputer, as well as its operation for 5 years. General European Union funds would cover the rest of the cost.

The future MareNostrum 5, which would be much larger than the current MareNostrum 4, would be distributed between the Torre Girona chapel and the site that is being built in the new corporative building of the BSC, two adjoining buildings connected by different tunnels.

The deadline to submit the candidacy for the EuroHPC-Joint Undertaking call ends on April 4th and the result will be announced on June 7th.
Ad Emmen