Dutch Government approves 20 million euro investment in new supercomputer

The new 20 million euro supercomputer will be located at the Amsterdam Science Park.
26 Mar 2019 The Hague - The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, approved a 20 million euro investment in a new Dutch national supercomputer. 18 million euro will be paid by the government itself, 2 million euro by SURF. SURF is the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research.

She follows the advice given by NWO - The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. NWO also proposes an extensive multi-annul investment reservation plan for HPC in the years starting from 2020. It is part of a plan called "Integral approach for the digitisation of Science". This plan will be discussed with stakeholders and the Minister expects a concrete implementation plan before the Summer. Total proposed ICT investments for computing, data storage, competence centres and ICT expertise, for supporting science are 20 million euro per year.

There are no concrete plans yet to invest in EuroHPC activities, although it is not excluded in the NWO advice.

The new national supercomputer will replace the current 4-year old Cartesius supercomputer at SURFsara in Amsterdam.

Ad Emmen