Report ETP4HPC General Assembly

25 Mar 2019 Sassenheim - ETP4HPC published a short report about the ETP4HPC General Assembly in Sassenheim, the Netherlands, last week. ETP4HPC is one of the private members of EuroHPC. Hence, this was one of the main discussion items.

After the overview of the past year presented by ETP4HPC chairman Jean-Pierre Panziera (Atos), a large part of the GA was dedicated to the EuroHPC JU. Gustav Kalbe, Interim Executive Director of the EuroHPC JU, shared insights on the actual workings of EuroHPC, including funding mechanisms.

Axel Auweter (Megware, member of ETP4HPC Steering Board) detailed the composition and operation of the EuroHPC Research and Innovation Advisory Groupe (RIAG) which is a technical group inside EuroHPC and an important channel for ETP4HPC.

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Ad Emmen