EuroHPC's first anniversary

23 Mar 2018 Almere - It is exactly one year ago 7 countries signed the initial EuroHPC declaration in Rome. The intention was to collaborate to jointly acquire exascale supercomputers for Europe, and to build one of these with European technology. By the end of 2017, it was proposed that EuroHPC should take the legal form of a Joint Undertaking. In January 2018 it was decided that the seat of this Joint Undertaking will be in Luxembourg. Meanwhile, 15 countries have joined the EuroHPC initiative. At least half a dozen are seriuously considering joining EuroHPC.

But, of course, you know all that, because you are following the EuroHPC coverage provided by the Primeur Magazine team.

We follow Europe's journey towards exascale with the website and the eurohpc twitter account. Both also have their first anniversary today.

On the EuroHPC website we provide background and also collected over 300 articles from around Europe covering EuroHPC. We did our share: wrote over 30 EuroHPC related articles. The EuroHPC twitter account marks its 500th tweet today.

The Primeur Magazine team will continue to keep you up to date with the latest on HPC in Europe and EuroHPC. And, when the first exascale supercomputer in Europe will be powered on, we will be there to report it to you.

Ad Emmen