Member of Parliament Pavel Popescu urges Romanian government to join EuroHPC

23 Mar 2018 Bucharest - Member of Parliament Pavel Popescu asked the Romanian government to consider joining EuroHPC. This initiative, already joined by 15 countries aims to acquire and to develop exascale supercomputer for use by scientists. Popescu is afraid that otherwise Romania will lag behind and it would neither be using its excellent Internet infrastructure to the limit.

Popescu says that it is his duty to draw attention to the opportunities that his country should take advantage of. "Because we have one of the best Internet infrastructures around the world we should also be present and be among the EuroHPC signatory states."

"At present, we are not, and it is a pity for our country to miss this opportunity." He asks the Government to analyze this issue as soon as possible and join the EuroHPC states that are developing solutions to respond to major societal and scientific challenges such as early detection and treatment of diseases and the development of new therapies, the prevention and management of large-scale natural disasters and so on.

Popescu is secretary of the Committee on Information and Communication Technology of the Chamber Deputies of Romania.

Ad Emmen