HPC helps to improve the air quality in Europe

15 Mar 2018 Brussels - The air quality is of increasing importance for our society. To achieve the self set goals in improving our air quality, the EU needs more efficient and precise ways of monitoring. Funded under the EU Fortissimo project, a French SME developed a new software which is based on cloud HPC, reports a blog on the European Commission website.

Funded under the European Commission Fortissimo project, the French SME Numtech created software which investigates air-quality at city-scale. This software includes data on emissions from road networks, industrial facilities, residential/commercial sectors, biogenic emissions, airports, etc. and was already successfully tested in several French cities.

Using Cloud-based HPC will help companies to save production costs of 125k euro over 5 years, the blog writes. Taking over larger projects because of greater capabilities and lower costs will help to increase the turnover and help companies in this sector to grow and adapt to future changes.

Ad Emmen