Session programme "Europe as a global player in High Performance Computing" this Thursday

20 Mar 2017 Rome - Things are heating up in expectation of the announcements of Europe's plans for HPC later this week in Rome. What will the exascale supercomputing plans look like? How many billion euro will be put into HPC? Will it be enough to really be a global player alongside China, USA and Japan? In the main session, politicians from Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Luxembourg will speak. So we can expect that they also will contribute financially through an IPCEI project or similar. In the technical session Atos Bull and Eurotech are presenting, alongside FZ Jülich Germany, BSC Spain and CSCS Switserland.

Between the sessions the Member States' signature of the Declaration of European cooperation on HPC will follow. The event will be web streamed.

Ad Emmen