Commmunity is key in Open HPC, says CISCO's Jeff Squyres

30 Mar 2016 San Francisco - Jeff Squyres, CISCO representative to the MPI Forum standards body, is interviewed on the OPENHPC website. He recaps some lessons learned from Open MPI: "From our experience (Open MPI as a project is over 10 years old!), a successful community project needs to exhibit multiple characteristics: Actually be open. Don't just throw code over the wall every once in a while. Encourage the community - not just vendors - to participate and innovate. Even those who are not paid a salary to develop HPC stacks can have great ideas. Encourage vendors to participate and innovate. There must be possibilities for vendor value-add and differentiation. Don't let any one organization - vendor or otherwise - drive the community. Working together as a community is hard. Sometimes it's really hard. But I am a huge believer that community-driven projects, when properly nurtured and encouraged, can result in significantly better results than are possible by any individual organization."
Ad Emmen