President Trump wants to spend USD 475 million on exascale supercomputing in 2021

11 Feb 2020 Washington - President Trump has revealed budget plans for 2021. It includes significant investments in exascale supercomputing of USD 475 million, AI and Quantum Computing.

"$475 million is requested for exascale computing to help secure the United States as a global leader in supercomputing; $237 million is requested for quantum information science; $125 million is requested for AI and machine learning; and $45 million is requested to enhance materials and chemistry foundational research to support U.S.-based leadership in microelectronics", he writes.

In the document "A Budget For America's future" Trump points out that there will be also trade negotiations not only with the UK but also with the European Union. The goal is the following: "These deals will expand American markets abroad and keep businesses here in America, which means keeping jobs here at home."

So the competition and pressure both technological and political for the European EuroHPC developments is stronger than ever.

Ad Emmen