The EuroHPC Governing Board has elected Herbert Zeisel as its new chair

Herbert Zeisel speaking at the EuroHPC declariaton event in Rome March 23, 2017.
10 Feb 2020 Luxembourg - Already last year, the EuroHPC Governing Board elected Herbert Zeisel as its new chair. Herbert Zeisel was involved in EuroHPC from the beginning, as he signed the EuroHPC declaration three years ago on behalf of Germany. Herbert Zeisel is Deputy Director General for Key Technologies for Growth, Ministry of Education and Research - Germany (BMBF).

As a first task he signed a wealth of EuroHPC JU documents related to EuroHPC JU personnel and the tenders for petascale systems.

The EuroHPC Governing Board has representatives from all Member Countries and the European Commission, representing the European Union. It is the decision taking body of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

The full members list:

Ad Emmen