Details of the EuroHPC JU budget for 2019-2020 published

19 Feb 2019 Luxembourg - The EuroHPC JU published its financial plans for 2019-2020. In total 486 million euro is committed from general European Union budgets. Because participating countries will also commit budget once it is assigned, this amount will be more than doubled to about 988 million euro. (This is the one billion euro everybody is talking about for the EuroHPC budget). Some small amounts will come from the private members. In kind contributions are not counted in this budget estimate.

Where will the money be spent?

The budget figures are the committed budget from the central European Union contributions. So, as said, that will be doubled on average with country contributions.

The budget committed to date for 2019 and 2020 is:

  • 2019: 198.391.888 euro;
  • 2020: 287.608.112 euro

Most of the money is planned to go to Research and Innovation actions on the one hand and on the other hand to the acquisition of petascale and pre-exascale supercomputers.

In 2019 Research and Innovation actions will take about 156 million euro from the budget. This is for three activities. In 2020 another 25 million euro is available.

In 2019 Infrastructure and HPC Operations Activities will get a budget of 40 million euro. In 2020 another 255 million euro will be allocated. So the petascale systems and the pre-financing of the pre-exascale systems will be paid from the 2020 budget.

The other costs are for the operating and support costs of the EuroHPC JU itself.

Staff costs for 2019 are planned to be 715.000 euro, and for 2020 about 1,5 million euro. The operating budget planned for 2019 is about 1,6 million euro and 1,7 million euro for 2020.

EuroHPC JU revenues

The EuroHPC JU has three major sources of revenue:

  • The European Union covering administrative and operational costs.
  • The Participating States shall make a contribution to the administrative and operational costs that will match the Union's financial contribution. In general the EuroHPC participating states will also contribute 50%. For pre-exascale systems it will be 65%.
  • The Private Members of the Joint Undertaking - currently ETP4HPC and BDVA - shall make arrange contributions to the JU’s administrative costs.

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More details can be found at the EuroHPC JU website. For in-depth coverage please visit our independent portal:

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